LinuxWorld Summer Internship 2018: Key Things to Remember

LinuxWorld Summer Internship 2018: Key Things to Remember

How do you decide a good internship?

When it comes to an internship; which are the key things that you consider important? Do you think the track record of the organization that is offering the internship program is more important or do you count on the features of the program or is it that you value the experience of the mentors who conducts the internship?

Subjective answer

The answer to the above question varies depending on a number of factors, and quite often, it is subjective. Some people might prefer to put a thing over others; while some might have an entirely different host of preferences.

LinuxWorld Summer Internship – Multitude of benefits combined!

However, when it comes to Linux World summer internship, as an attendee you avail a number of standalone benefits; which includes all of the above preferences we mentioned earlier.

Latest technologies – redefined and clustered into one!

The most awesome fact about this year’s internship is that it comes with latest technologies, some of which include Big Data Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, Elastic Search, Cloud Computing, Docker, Splunk, Ansible, Kubernetes, AWS, Python, RedHat Linux, IoT. If you are seeking to learn latest technologies that are shaping tomorrow’s world today, this internship might actually be the one you have been looking for.

The mentor – Renowned technocrat Mr. Vimal Daga

This year’s training, as obvious, is being monitored completely by Mr. Vimal Daga – one of the leading technologists of India having years of dedicated skills and knowledge and who have helped a number of well-known companies develop their offerings. Mr. Vimal Daga’s highly guided mentorship is sure to excel the learning module and thereby will help students grasp the concepts¬† to better utilize them in real life.

A host of benefits

The internship comes with a rage of benefits such as Training Certificate from LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd, Participation Certificate from RedHat* (On selected Project), 15+  years of experienced Mentors,Life Time Support, 24 x 7 Lab Facility, Comprehensive Study Material for reference, Practical Exposure by getting hands-on experience at our well equipped labs & Real Time Use Cases

To learn more about LinuxWorld Summer training program; please feel free to click the website now!


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