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A few things we’re great at 

Get industry ready with our Summer Internship Program with the world’s most forward–thinking companies–Google, Facebook, AT&T, IBM, GitHub, and more. Build practical skills by working on projects based on global challenges faced by industry leaders. 

Build Industry Relevant Skills 

Tech professionals are usually advised to learn the latest programming language or methodology. However, building abilities like rapid learning or trendspotting may be more useful in the long run. 

Learn Real World Skills 

Learn from Renowned Industry Expert – MR. Vimal Daga with 15+ Years of Experience as Sr. Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Data Scientist / NLP Consultant and Researcher. 

Involvement of meaningful projects 

One of the core additions of Linux World’s previous training was to make students directly involve in real-life live cloud based projects and let them develop their own cloud – so as to make them better understand the evolving technological landscape, face the challenges and get over them. This has significantly contributed to their existing knowledge. 

Inclusion of latest technologies 

In order to make a training effective, it needs to be relevant. The trend of adding relevant and new age technologies is not new but there’s a growing emphasis to add futuristic and trending technologies these days than ever before. This turns old technologies and tools outdated and makes one prepare for the technology of tomorrow.


A highly skilled technocrat, corporate consultant, keynote speaker and expert mentor, Mr. Vimal Daga possess more than 20 years of professional experience and expertise helping Forune 500 companies grow with his technical consultation globally. Mr. Vimal Daga also heads the mentorship team at LinuxWorld India’s training wing.

Among the many, some of the technologies he excells at include – Machine Learning, AI, DL, NLP, DevOps – Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, Ops Intelligence & Other Tools – Splunk, PingFederate, Delphix, AppDynamics, Cloud Computing – AWS, OpenStack, BigData Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, Mahout, Cassandra, RedHat, Cisco, Security etc. 

Some of his clients include Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, GE, CA Technologies, Dell, TCS, Deloitte, PwC, HP, Wipro, IBM, Samsung R&D, Ericsson and many more. “No technology is challenging or difficult or complex since it is MAN-MADE. You just need the right path or approach to understand the technology and take it further as per your requirement,” says Mr. DagaMR. VIMAL DAGA


Company Internal Projects for Intern: 

Project BIN-19-095

Smarter World : Integrating Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning/Deep Learning with IoT using Real Time Processing With Spark, managed by Block Chain Network under the Implementation of High Performance Distributed Computing/Storage for BIG DATA – Hadoop Framework and Running Applications on Large Kubernetes Clusters of containerized Docker Engine deployed by DevOps – Ansible Playbook Pipelined by Jenkins and Provisioned Over Hybrid OWN Cloud Computing/AWS using Terraform monitors by Operational Intelligence Tool Splunk – Industry 4.0

Project BIN-19-099

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Implementation of High Performance Distributed Computing for BIG DATA – Batch Processing Using Hadoop Framework & Real Time Processing Using Spark and Running Applications on Large Clusters under containerized Docker Engine deployed by DevOps – Ansible – Super Computing Operational Intelligence Tool Splunk – Future 


Project BIN-19-100

Intelligence Implementation of Automate Deployment of Hybrid Cloud Computing and Virtualization with containerized Docker & Kubernetes Integration on RedHat Linux System Using Python CGI and provisioned by Ansible – DevOps Tools with Operational Intelligence tool Splunk



Linux World Informatics Pvt Ltd announces Summer Internship and Industrial Training Programs for the students of BE and B.Tech on  Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | IoT | Big Data Hadoop | Cloud Computing | AWS Cloud | Spark | Block Chain | CI/CD Jenkins | Devops Ansible | Terraform | Docker | Kubernetes | Linux | Python | Splunk and many more. 


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